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Wooden Puzzle Cubes Game For Babies

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Improve your children’s three-dimensional imagination!

This cubes game is interactive to cultivate kids’ self-awareness and promote their growth. It helps stimulate fine motor skills, logical thinking, and brain development. The cubes are incredibly excellent for children’s memory improvement, hand-eye coordination, and observation. This emotion-changing game contains pictures of funny facial expressions such as sad, happy, angry, surprised, and some strange expressions. Moreover, they can also be used to learn and recognise different emotions.

These expression building blocks are made of eco-friendly wood. They are covered with smooth and safe water-based paint, which is odourless, non-toxic, and perfect for children’s play. The puzzle has interesting expression patterns on each side of the block. They are cartoonish and colourful, which helps them instantly grab children’s attention. The box is designed with grooves for small hands to pick up the cubes. Moreover, it also makes the game easy to store and carry around the house.

This puzzle game is perfect for all children older than three years. Plus, it is suitable for 1-4 players. During the game, kids take one card and build the blocks according to the reference. The one who takes the shortest time wins. Our wooden puzzle package also includes a bell which makes the game more exciting and engaging. The first to complete rings the bell to announce the winner. What is more, this game is interactive and fun for parents too. It is an excellent choice for parent-child and child-child interaction to enhance their relationship.


✔️ KEEPS CHILDREN ENGAGED — This puzzle game includes 64 cards with pictures of various emotions, which means they can arrange a great variety of combinations. The bright colour and cartoonish faces also attract children’s interest.

✔️ HELPS TO RECOGNISE EMOTIONS — To play, kids need to distinguish different kinds of emotions. You can use these cards with faces to teach them about sadness, happiness, anger, surprise, fear, etc.

✔️ DEVELOPS SOCIAL SKILLS — There should be at least two people to play this game. While interacting with other players, children improve their social skills and make their family relationships and friendships grow stronger.

✔️ IMPROVES CONCENTRATION — Working on this puzzle until completion gives kids the chance to work on one task uninterrupted and improve concentration.

✔️ PROMOTES EYE-HAND COORDINATION — Your child will develop a keen relationship between what their eyes see, what their hands do, and what their brain relates to this information.


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  1. P*****a (verified buyer)

    My daughter loved this game so much that she took it to preschool with her. She said everyone loved it and wanted to play

  2. M****e (verified buyer)

    Great game! It really utilizes a child’s hand-eye coordination while keeping it really fun!

  3. L**a (verified buyer)

    The game pieces are very well made. And there is a manual which suggests game rules which is great

  4. A****y (verified buyer)

    This emoji game is a must-have and fun for all ages!! We love this! Everyone in the family can take a turn and it keeps us playing for hours!

  5. Y**k (verified buyer)

    One of my favourite games for my children. They play it with joy and pleasure!=))

  6. W***a (verified buyer)

    Delivery took a long time… but the product corresponds to the description…

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Wooden Puzzle Cubes Game For Babies
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