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Orthopedic Sandals Wedge Slippers

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Support and comfort your feet!

The ORTOREX™ orthopedic sandals will make your walking effortless and maximally comfortable. With their shock-absorbing air cushion design, you will be able to walk long distances and hours. They protect your muscles, joints, and tendons and make your ankles more comfortable. Thanks to that, our sandals disperse gravity from the ankle joint to ensure the stability of the plantar support. It helps relax arches and alleviate foot pain when walking or standing upright. The ORTOREX™ wedge slippers are especially suitable for people with diabetes, swollen feet, flat feet, valgus feet, and hallux valgus.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ orthopedic sandals:

  • Help to walk effortlessly for longer
  • Alleviate foot pain, soreness, and fatigue
  • Relieve pressure on feet
  • Protect foot muscles, joints, and tendons
  • Support plantar fasciitis
  • Relax arches
  • Improve posture
  • Keep feet dry

The ORTOREX™ slippers have a sole thickness of 1.57 inches (4 cm) with a heightening effect. It helps soothe every step you take and make your feet feel more comfortable. Plus, our sandals come with special memory foam insoles with arch support. They effectively hold up the heel, offering optimal stability and reducing pressureOur sandals are especially suitable for many outdoor activities, including walking, traveling, working, driving, etc. Moreover, with the variety of colors available, you can choose those that match all your outfits.

The ORTOREX™ wedge sandals are made of high-quality materials and are precision-stitched. They adopt rubber anti-skid soles. The pressure points of the soles have a good grip on the ground and provide excellent traction, which helps prevent slipping. The upper is a soft, textured, and breathable mesh fabric. It promotes air circulation and keeps feet dry, eliminating any odor. Moreover, with their air cushion bumpers, thick soles absorb shock to cushion every stride and provide an efficient push-off when walking or running.


✔️ REDUCE FOOT PAIN — The ORTOREX™ orthopedic sandals effectively alleviate foot pain associated with walking, running, or standing upright. While reducing the discomfort to the maximum, they also promote relaxation and help to walk with no effort.

✔️ PROVIDE ARCH SUPPORT — Our wedge sandals promote balance and support while improving posture and preventing injuries.

✔️ GIVE A PUSH OFF THE GROUND — The unique air-cushion shockproof design aims to reduce impact loading. As the foot strikes the ground, air cushioning absorbs impact forces and allows muscles, joints, and tendons to be protected.

✔️ KEEP FEET DRY — The breathable mesh layer allows air to circulate freely through the sandals, keeping your feet dry and eradicating foot odor.

✔️ SLIP-RESISTANT SOLES —  Our sandals have rubber soles with anti-slip performance. They have a good grip on the ground, which helps prevent slipping on different kinds of surfaces.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS — You can match these sandals with T-shirts, jeans, shorts, casual or formal clothes for a party, date, work, travel, or other special occasions.


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Reviews our customers
  1. B***t (verified buyer)

    These sandals are super comfortable!! Highly recommend them!

  2. M***y (verified buyer)

    They’re a bit narrow for me but they do stretch well. Other than that, these are very comfortable.

  3. C***k (verified buyer)

    The quality of the shoes is very good. The stitching is delicate, there is no excess thread. Very soft.


  4. K**a (verified buyer)

    Perfect fit. I love how shock-absorbing they are. Excellent quality.


  5. S***e (verified buyer)

    This is the only pair that saves me through my 8-hour shifts. I stand upright practically all the time at work. My feet used to hurt so much that I could barely walk home. But these sandals are real lifesavers. They made it so much easier for me (and my feet!) to survive at work.


  6. N***y (verified buyer)

    I’m absolutely in love with these wedge sandals! The color is stunning. I will definitely buy more pairs. Thanks!


  7. D***e (verified buyer)

    They look kinda old-fashioned, but goshhhhh, I could sell my soul for such comfort. Recommended.


  8. G**e (verified buyer)

    Absolutely nothing to dislike about these sandals. Fit well, do what they’re supposed to. Great buy.


  9. T**f (verified buyer)

    Best sandals ever!! Feels like I’m flying when I’m wearing them!


  10. C**a (verified buyer)

    I bought these for myself as house slippers, and they’ve been on my feet since they were delivered. They’re incredibly comfortable and the fit is perfect.


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Be sure to check the size in our Size Chart

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Orthopedic Sandals Wedge Slippers
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